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Enigma Escape what is that ?

  Enigma Escape is a real-life room escape room inspired by "escape the room" video games on computer. However, nothing virtual anymore, this time you're going to live the adventure locked inside an actual room with amazing decors.

The goal of the game is to escape the room in less than 60min, in a group of 3 to 6 people.
In order to do that, you will need to solve a series of puzzles by combining logic, intuition, and teamwork.

With family, friends, or coworkers, beginner or experienced players, everyone's welcome to have fun! Absolutely no pre-requirements necessary : abilities, skill, experience; come as you are, the game is available immediately !

Discover a new way to have fun together !

The Rooms

We currently have 8 rooms, all with different themes, across more than 750m2
in two separate adresses in Toulouse.
The concept is the same for all our rooms
Escape in less than 60min.


Alexander's curious mansion

Very few people got the opportunity to enter Alexander Black’s mansion and rumors they spread say the house looks like him: messy, crazy, full of curious gizmos and secrets. This eminent scholar has disappeared few month ago. Why have you been invited by his butler ? A wonderful adventure awaits you.

Location: 34 rue Bayard

Available languages :

The Dungeon's Tavern

Late eighteen's century. After spending the evening drinking at Duchenot's Tavern, you wake up on the cold, hard floor of the tavern's dungeon. Will you be able to escape before the owner's return?

Location: 34 rue Bayard

Difficulty: 3/5
Search: 2/5
A complex room for challenge enthusiasts

Available languages :

Oh No ! Zombies

A zombie epidemic has turned almost the entire population into dead, mindless walkers. Part of the few survivors, your group finds after several weeks the house of Professor Peletier, rumored to have found the desperately needed cure to end the apocalypse.
Closing in on your objective, your group is ambushed by zombies, and you all find yourselves bitten. Your time is running out.

Location: 34 rue Bayard

Difficulty: 4/5
Search: 3/5

A spectacular room, albeit a very hard one.

Available languages :

Amateur robbers

This time, while spending the night gambling, you lost big. No one will bail you out, and you have to find a lot of cash, very quickly. You gather a small group and together, decide that drastic measures are in order. You are going to rob a bank. One problem arises however, none of you has ever done something remotely as dangerous. You will have to succeed on your first attempt, and you can bet it won't be easy money.

Location: 43 avenue de la gloire

Difficulty: 4/5
Search: 1/5

An action-packed room with rapid pace.
Fun and challenge for both beginners and experienced players

Available languages :

The lost temple

Lost inside the Yucatan jungle, an ancient temple is rumored to hold a legendary artifact of immense value. Archaeologists have been investigating the place for years but always left empty handed. Remnants of their unfinished work are still scattered on the site. It is now your turn to try your luck

Location: 43 avenue de la gloire

Difficulty: 5/5
Search: 2/5

A formidable and impressive room, full of mechanisms.

Available languages :

The last abode

You have undoubtedly found the residence of the maniac responsible for several children s disappearance. You take it upon yourself to rescue them, and sneak in during the night without calling for the police. That's when everything goes wrong, you get yourselves captured and imprisoned in the basement of what could very well be, your last abode

Location: 43 avenue de la gloire

Difficulty: 4/5
Search: 4/5

A dark and unnerving room.
The room is forbidden under 16

Available languages :

The show

Do you like challenges? Take part in The Show, the most enigmatic TV show at the moment !
Get on the stage and choose either the Red or the Blue course. You can also play both courses one after the other for a 2 hours escape room, or else play both courses at the same time to activate dual mode up to 12 players. You'll be facing multiples universes, all different and full of riddles. You'll be surprised !

More informations:


a game
26 €
Single rate for each of our rooms at every hour and every day.
From 3 to 6 players per room.

a gift card
Choose the value
You can also buy a gift card and print it as a gift.
The happy person will be able to choose the date and hour for the game.

a gift card
Set value
To use a gift card that was gifted to you.


Please read our FAQ before contact us

+33 5 31 98 30 41


34 rue Bayard
31000 Toulouse

(Mansion, Dungeon and Oh No Zombies)
Jeanne d'Arc metro station (B Line)

43 Avenue de la Gloire
31500 Toulouse

(Amateur Robbers, The Lost Temple, The Lost Abode and The Show)
Marengo SNCF metro station (A line)


For whom ?
Our rooms are suited for everyone: family, friends, workmates, students, etc...

How many players ?
Our rooms are designed to work best for groups of 3 to 5 people. We do however accept groups of 6 people in the same room, but please be aware it is not optimal and the overall experience may differ greatly.
You can also book for 3, 4, or 5 people and come in with one or two additional people up to 6 people per room. In this case, an additional amount corresponding to the prices displayed on the website will be required. Please have the exact amount (in cash) ready before your arrival.
It is possible to play as only 2 people, but keep in mind the price is the same as for 3, and the game will be significantly more difficult.

We want to come as more than 6, what can we do?
Our rooms are not suited for groups composed of more than 6 people. It is absolutely non-negotiable for groups of 7 or more to play in the same room.
If you are between 7 to 12 people, you will have to book 2 separate rooms. If you are between 13 to 18 people, you will have to book 3 separate rooms.
Please note, we have two different locations in Toulouse, be aware of where each room is located.

Time of arrival and length
The overall experience will last about 1h30: 1 hour inside the room, 15min briefing and presentation, 15min debrief after the game. Please arrive on time, no need to come early nor late.

What if we come in late?
The game length is exactly 60 minutes, if you come in late you will have less than 60 minutes to complete the game to ensure the room is ready for the next group. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Minimum required age
Children from age 9 are allowed along with at least two adults, or from age 15 with no restrictions. Younger children would not have fun in our rooms, and consequently neither will you. However, please note our room "The Last Abode" is strictly forbidden to anyone aged under 16.

Is there air conditioning in the rooms?

Are physical challenges a part of the game?
No, there is absolutely nothing requiring physical aptitudes in any of our rooms. Only some degree of dexterity is needed.

Is it scary? Are we in the dark?
6 out of our 7 rooms are family friendly. There's no one inside the room except you, no paid actors are here to scare you and you will never be in the dark.
Our room "Oh No Zombies" does have a few stressful moments but does not qualify as actually terrifying.
Our room "The Last Abode" has some moments that can be hard to manage for the most sensitive. It's our sole relatively frightening room, but do keep in mind there is no one inside the room, no physical contact whatsoever.

What is the success rate? Is it too easy or too hard?
Our rooms are considered to be relatively difficult. Success rate can go from 30% to 65% depending on the room. The records set in our rooms were set by very experienced players with dozens of escapes under their belt, they sit at around 40min. Our game masters will be able to help by sending hints on a screen located inside the room if you get stuck for too long on the same puzzle, in order to keep a consisent pace.

Is specific knowledge required for the game?
No puzzle inside our rooms require any general knowledge whatsoever. Logic, careful reflection, and teamwork are the best tools that will help you succeed.

The game is available to players hearing or visually impaired. However, some object manipulations along with visual and audio hints can be part of the game, so we do recommend having at least one player with no handicap to ensure everything is 100% doable. Our room "Amateur Robbers" is available to players in a wheelchair, our other rooms are not.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women can play our rooms without any issue since there are no physical tests nor frightening elements.
However, please note "The Last Abode" is not recommended due to its theme.
Also, please note that there are stairs in order to get to "The Dungeon's Tavern".

I'm claustrophobic, can I still play?
A CCTV videosurveillance system allows us to ensure your safety during the whole game. You can quit the game and leave the room at any point. All of our rooms are big enough so that you will feel comfortable. Please note that our room "The Last Abode" is not recommended for claustrophobic people.

Can we modify or cancel a booking?
Any booking is non-refundable. If you wish to move the date of your booking, please send us an email and we'll see what we can do. Any modification within 5 days of your reservations will not be considered.

Playing drunk?
Alcohol will definitely hinder your ability to play the game, it is heavily discouraged. Please note for obvious safety reasons we reserve the right to refuse the game to anyone at our discretion. No refund will happen in that case.

Payment methods
Payment is done at the time of the booking on our website, via credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept Maestro and Electron cards. You can also come directly to pay by cash.