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Enigma Escape what is that ?

  Enigma Escape is a real-life room escape game inspired by "escape the room" video games on computer but transcribed in the real life. There is nothing virtual any more, you are physically going to live the adventure locked in a real room with films setting.

The goal of the game is to escape the room in less than 60 minutes, in a team of 3 to 5 peoples. For that you need to resolve a series of enigma by using your logic and alloy reflexion and team spirit, you have to be of one mind !

In family, with friends or with workmates as team building activity, beginner or regular player of puzzle games, everyone may have fun ! No physical aptitude or logic neither experience are required. The game is available immediately and for everyone.

This is a new way to have fun together

The Rooms

We offer 6 rooms with different themes over 750m2
in two separate locations in Toulouse.
The concept is the same for all the rooms
Escape in less than 60min.

Pierre Rousseau's Office

1938. Pierre Rousseau is murdered in his office. The investigation get nowhere since several years. The family mandate you, as a private detective, to resolve the investigation. The police leave you just one hour and no more in the office, to finally get the truth

Location: 34 rue Bayard

Difficulty: 2/5
Search: 4/5
Available languages :
Perfect to beginning in the live escape game.

The Dungeon's Tavern

Years 1780. After an evening and a drunken night to the tavern of Duchenot, you wake up locked in a basement converted into a dungeon. You have to escape before the return of the owner of the place.

Location: 34 rue Bayard

Difficulty: 3/5
Search: 2/5
Available languages :
A complicated room for amateur challenge


An epidemic has turned almost all the population in living dead. After several weeks walking, your group of survivals arrive finally at the very strange house of Professor Peletier, the famous professor who, according to the rumour, had in his lifetime found a cure.
Near the goal, a member of your group was bitten. Your time is limited.

Location: 34 rue Bayard

Difficulty: 5/5
Search: 3/5
Available languages :
A spectacular room but very difficult too.

Bank Robbery

You have a plan, somewhat hazardous, to realize a bank robbery. So you invited your friends in this dangerous adventure. A slight problem however, it will be for you and yours partners your very first robbery. Therefore don't count on your experience. One thing is sure; it won't be easy money.

Location: 43 avenue de la gloire

Difficulty: 4/5
Search: 1/5
Available languages :
An intense room with sustained pace.
Fun and challenge for both beginners and experienced players.

The Lost Temple

Lost inside the Yucatan jungle, an ancient temple is rumored to hold a legendary artifact of immense value. Archaeologists have been investigating the place for years but always left empty handed. Remnants of their unfinished work are still scattered on the site. It is now your turn to try your luck

Location: 43 avenue de la gloire

Difficulty: 5/5
Search: 2/5

A formidable and impressive room, full of mechanisms.

Available languages :

The Last Abode

You have undoubtedly found the residence of the maniac responsible for several children s disappearance. You take it upon yourself to rescue them, and sneak in during the night without calling for the police. That's when everything goes wrong, you get yourselves captured and imprisoned in the basement of what could very well be, your last abode

Location: 43 avenue de la gloire

Difficulty: 4/5
Search: 4/5

A dark and unnerving room.
The room is forbidden under 16

Available languages :


Off-peak rate Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm Team of 5: 19 Euro per player Team of 4: 22 Euro per player Team of 3: 25 Euro per player Peak rate from 5pm through Monday to Friday. Saturday an Sunday all day. Team of 5: 23 Euro per player Team of 4: 26 Euro per player Team of 3: 29 Euro per player

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Please read our FAQ before contact us

+33 5 31 98 30 41


34 rue Bayard
31000 Toulouse

(Office, Dungeon and Oh No Zombies))
Jeanne d'Arc metro station (B Line)

43 Avenue de la Gloire
31500 Toulouse

(Bank Robbery, The Lost Temple and The Lost Abode)
Marengo SNCF metro station (A line)


What public / audience
Enigma Escape express to all audiences: in family, with friends, with workmates to accentuate team building, among students...

Number of players
Our rooms are provided for 3, 4 or 5 players. If you want to play at 2, the game will become more difficult. However you have the possibility to booking for 2 players and pay for 3 players.
You can book for 3 or 4 people and arrive with 1 or 2 additional people up to 5 maximum per room. In that case, an additional amount corresponding to our prices displayed on the website will be required at the time of your arrival.

We are more than 5, how shall we do ?
Our room is not provided for team with more than 5 peoples. If you come to 6 while you are booked to 5, the 6th person could not play with you and should stay at the post video monitoring with us where he could follow his teammates.
If you are more than 5, you have to separate in 2 groupes and book 2 rooms on the same time slot. We can receive until 15 persons at the same time of 3 rooms separated in 3 groups.
Be Careful, we have 2 differents locations in Toulouse, check where your rooms are located.

Schedule and duration
The experience inside the room take 1h30, being 1 hour of game. 15 minutes of reception and presentation and 15 minutes of debriefing at the end. Thank you for coming on time, neither ahead nor behind.

What happens if we are late ?
The game take 60 minutes and the following team begin just after you, so we are sorry but if you arrive late, you will have less than 60 minutes to resolve the enigma and it became clearly more difficult.

Minimum age
The children from 9 years only accompanied by 2 adults or from 15 years unaccompanied. The Lost Abode is forbidden under 16.

Is there physical hardship in the game ?
There is no need to use strength nor physical endurance for the game. Only a certain manual dexterity is required.

Is it scary ? Are we in the dark ?
It's not a ghost train, it's an escape game and there is no actor to give you a fright, and you are not in the dark. You are not handcuff. Only the room "Oh No Zombies" have some elements of a bit stressing but does not really scary.

What is the success rate ? Is it too simple or too difficult ?
Our rooms are considered like quite difficult. The success rate vary from 30% to 65% according to the room's difficulties. The records are around 20 minutes before the end by experimented teams.
Our game masters send clues on the control screen if your are blocked too long on an enigma, in order to keep a game rhythm higher all along the game.

Does the game requires as particular culture ?
No, no need to have a doctorate to come. Logic, Reflection and a team brought together are the best weapons to succeed.

The game is reachable even the player with visual or auditory disability. However, some little objects manipulations took place in the game as well as some auditory and visual clues, so we recommend to include in your team at least one member who hasn't physical handicap. The room "in the dungeon of the tavern" being installed in the basement, we can't receive in this room people in wheelchair.

Pregnant women
The pregnant women can play at Enigma Escape since there aren't physical hardship nor scary elements. We advise you however that you need to take chairs to go down in the room of dungeon.

I am claustrophobic, can I come to play ?
A CCTV system allow us to look after your safety during all the game. You can leave the game at any moments in few seconds.
Claustrophobic people have never had any problems into our rooms, the rooms are large enough to not feel bad so you can come to play.

Cancellation of booking
The booking are not refundable. If you want to shift your session, please contact us by phone and if the schedule allow it, we will change your booking. Details of your reservation cannot be changed less than 5 days before your game.

Drunked players ?
Alcohol decrease your faculties, so it is highly recommended to not drink before coming to play. Please not that for obvious safety reasons we can forbid you the acces to a room if your alcohol level seems to us too high. In this case, no repayment will be done.

Type of payment
The payment is made at the time of the booking on internet, by credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Maestro and Electron are not accepted. You can also came directly see us for a payment by cash only.